Choosing Phalloplasty Surgeon

Make a Knowledgeable Choice Before Selecting Your Phalloplasty Surgeon.

10 Reasons to Choose Alexander Krakovsky, M.D., PhD, FAAPS, as Your Phalloplasty Surgeon

  1. Save Money and Time - Patients will have all preliminary physical examinations completed and all questions answered, prior to the surgery, without having to visit the California office!  Patients can use their login ID to access all surgical procedure guidelines and follow up information, prior to surgery, so they can become familiar with penile enlargement procedures and know what to expect.

    Patients may register for phalloplasty surgery online and send all requested information to the Penile Cosmetic Surgery Center through the email address listed Contact Us page. A pre-operative appointment prior to the day of penile augmentation surgery is the only appointment that Dr. Krakovsky requires. This process helps patients save time and money in traveling to and from California for consultations. Dr. Krakovsky has developed a unique internet registration protocol for the patients who signed up for penile enlargement and augmentation surgeries.

  2. World-Renowned Specialist - Dr. Krakovsky is an innovative and world-renowned phalloplasty surgeon with over 30 years of experience in a variety of surgical specialties. He has developed several, unique penile enlargement surgical techniques that have significantly improved the cosmetic results of penile augmentation. Dr. Krakovsky’s knowledge and experience in phalloplasty set his work above other urological and plastic surgeons, whose lack of training and practical experience in phalloplasty makes their work prone to errors and complications.

  3. Innovator - Dr. Krakovsky has significantly improved most of the existing penile surgical augmentation techniques in the field of phalloplasty surgery. Specifically, he has radically improved the current penile lengthening augmentation surgery by implementing a procedure to cut, not only fundiform and suspensory ligaments, but also to excise collateral ligaments, in order to make the penis completely free from attachment. This technique completely releases the hidden portion of the penis and improves the results of a penile lengthening augmentation surgery. Dr. Krakovsky is lecturing at cosmetic surgery meetings worldwide to share his innovative penile lengthening augmentation techniques, as well as, his pioneering techniques in penile dual and triple augmentation surgeries with other surgeons.

  4. New Surgical Techniques - Dr. Krakovsky combined the surgical techniques of Penile Dual Augmentation surgery with dermal grafts and AlloDerm grafts to perform penis lengthening augmentation and penis widening enlargement in one surgical procedure. This process involves the implementation of a new graft stitching technique that eliminates many post-surgical complications such as graft dislodgment, skin perforation, graft repositioning under the skin of the penis, and much more.

  5. Eliminate Disproportion - Dr. Krakovsky realizes that in order to preserve the authenticity of the penis as one aesthetic unit, when one part of the penis is surgically modified, the rest of the penis needs to be modified to match it. Dr. Krakovsky has developed a new surgical technique, referred to as Penile Triple Augmentation™ surgery that combines penile lengthening augmentation, penile widening enhancement and penile head enlargement into one surgical procedure. The surgery employs a unique method of joining the patient’s penile shaft augmentation and the penile head enlargement with the same skin grafts to eliminate aesthetic disproportions between the augmented shaft and the head of the penis, to create a more unified appearance.

  6. Doctor’s Doctor - The majority of Dr. Krakovsky’s patients are men who are unhappy with the results from previous penile surgeries performed by other doctors. Typically, these men have undergone penile augmentation surgeries with free fat transfer, dermal graft enlargement, or AlloDerm grafts augmentation without success. Almost all of these men say they wish they had come to Dr. Krakovsky’s Penile Cosmetic Surgery Center first.

  7. Speak with Former Patients - Several former patients of Dr. Krakovsky, who underwent phalloplasty cosmetic augmentation surgeries with AlloDerm grafts or dermal grafts, have volunteered to share their experiences and answer questions to help other men seeking penile augmentation. Many of these men sought help from other surgeons, without success, and later turned to Dr. Krakovsky to perform Penile Triple Dermal Graft augmentation surgery and/or Penile Triple AlloDerm® augmentation surgery. Dr. Krakovsky’s former patients are not compensated in any way, and have agreed to share their stories and surgical experiences because they want to help other men in their search for a penile augmentation surgeon.

  8. Health Screening - Dr. Krakovsky requires that all patients undergo blood and urine tests, prior to penile augmentation surgery, to ensure that their health parameters are within normal limits. These tests can be performed either at a local doctor office, local medical facility, or local lab and the results can be faxed to Dr. Krakovsky’s office prior to surgery.

  9. Total Care in the Operating Room - Dr. Krakovsky manages all aspects of patient care in the operating room. He consistently uses an Anesthesiologist, Medical Doctor instead of a Nurse Anesthetist, for all phalloplasty surgical procedures. Since he has received additional training in anesthesiology, Dr. Krakovsky personally supervises the anesthesiologist’s performance on his patients during penile augmentation surgery. For those patients who choose to undergo penile augmentation surgery under local anesthesia, Dr. Krakovsky is able to manage all aspects of patient care during penile enlargement surgery, without the help of another physician.

  10. Follow-up Care - After phalloplasty surgery, Dr. Krakovsky provides 2-5 days of thorough follow-up care at the Penile Cosmetic Surgery Center. Dr. Krakovsky’s additional training in pain management help him address post-surgical pain so his patients rarely complain of pain after penile enlargement and augmentation surgeries, whereas patients at other clinics usually experience post-surgical pain.

Patients are advised to thoroughly research their penile augmentation surgeon’s profile online and explore other research related to their surgical procedures before making any decisions.