Reconstruction of Penile Enlargement Surgeries

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RECONSTRUCTION OF PENILE ENLARGEMENT SURGERIES There are qualified and experienced surgeons performing successful penile enlargement surgeries in the world today, but sometimes men do not manage to select such a person for their penis enlargement surgery. When a man has had the misfortune to join the thousands of men who have experienced an outmoded or failed phalloplasty surgery, he is often faced with problems ranging from disfigurement to dysfunction. When these unhappy situations occur, reconstruction surgery provides a way back toward normalcy.

Reconstruction of penile enlargement surgery can be necessary due to a number of different complications from previous surgeries. Sometimes these complications are the result of more than one procedure performed incorrectly, or even of use of outdated procedures. For example, the injection of fat to increase the girth of the penis is a technique still practiced by a few physicians. They defend this outdated technique, even though it risks an enormous number of complications, ranging from perforation of the bowel during fat harvesting to multiple lumps and bumps on the shaft of the penis. 

RECONSTRUCTION OF PENILE ENLARGEMENT SURGERIESDr. Alexander Krakovsky does not offer fat transfer or injection for penile augmentation and he does not recommend using the fat transfer technique (Free Fat Transfer, or FFT) for penile augmentation. As mentioned, this technique can result in multiple complications that are not obvious immediately after surgery because of post-surgical swelling. After the swelling subsides and fat is reabsorbed, it becomes clear that there is almost no enlargement; multiple lumps and bumps appear; and the surgeon recommends that more fat be injected.

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