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Being that we had been a couple for 3 years, and were satisfied with our intimacy, when Adolph expressed to me one day that he has always wanted to be more confident with his penis size, I listened to his concern. I explained to him that I was happy with the way he was, yet I believe that people have the choice to feel the best that they possibly can with their bodies, especially when it comes to the more intimate parts of the body. After all, being intimate with the one you love is a very important part of a successful relationship.

After listening to Adolph, he asked me if I could do some research on the computer, and see what kind of information was available for this type of procedure. Realizing that he was serious, I took it seriously as well as - I want to see him happy. Not to mention, I thought about how this could make our intimacy even better than before!

As I conducted my research, I found that a lot of information was available. I learned a lot about the procedure, the process, and the men who have had the procedure. I read many patient success stories, and visited many sites, gathering as much information as possible for Adolph. We browsed websites together, and both learned a lot. Finally when we felt that we had learned as much as possible, I contacted Dr. Krakovsky for a consultation for Adolph.

I supported Adolph's decision, and we agreed that this was something that we were going to go through [the surgery] as a couple. His decision was finalized after he realized that he had my support and that the procedure was only a consultation away. Being that he is on the shy side, when we went for the consultation, I did most of the question asking. It was important to me to feel comfortable with the doctor and talking about the process from start to finish.

After we had the consultation, we discussed it together and Adolph made the final decision for himself. I helped him prepare for the surgery, and when the surgery day came I was there to help him through recovery. When we got back home, we followed the Dr. Krakovsky's instructions and cared for the results closely. This is very critical, as the results depend on the care of the individual. It was not a difficult process however.

Adolph healed normally and quickly, he had follow up appointments with the Dr. and everything was healing well. Adolph was happy with his decision, and also very grateful that I took the initiative by gathering the information, and supported his decision. I do feel that his choice was a positive decision in our relationship, and as for how I feel, I'm glad that this procedure has had a positive impact on our relationship.

I would definitely recommend to couples that they talk openly about their intimate relationship, and if there are concerns that they follow up with the proper procedure. A happy sex life is a long sex life!

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