Penile Surgery Success Stories

My phalloplasty results with Enlargement Plus Medical and Dr. Krakovsky have been amazing. Not only am I larger in the flaccid state, but my erections are significantly larger too. I had a lot of emotional wounding around my penis, and now the emotional wounds are gone. My Kaiser Permanente primary care physician was not in favor of this surgery for me, nor did she agree with my reasons for having phalloplasty. However, I proceeded with the surgery anyway and I am super glad that I did. For me, the monetary cost was worth it.

I researched phalloplasty procedures for 6 months before I decided to go the AlloDerm route. I wanted to have a procedure that was permanent, and did not require any maintenance later on in my life. Therefore, I rejected (for myself) phalloplasty through the transference of fat. I was worried that I would need another round of transference of fat in the future, and I was not interested in having to be concerned about this potentiality. I researched AlloDerm thoroughly and decided that it was safe. (They use AlloDerm in everything these days ... including "nose jobs").

I received triple augmentation from Dr. Krakovsky (lengthening, widening, and glanular enhancement). The three surgical procedures were performed with excellence in less than three hours. I could not believe this. But I honestly had zero pain on the same day as the surgery and no pain from this surgery ever. I had a whole bottle of Vicodin with me in San Diego and I never had to use a single capsule. I went for a cheeseburger and fries that night.

I liked the staff at the plastic surgery site in San Diego a lot! I felt well taken care of and that I was in good hands. I wanted Dr. Krakovsky to perform the surgery, because I figured if he used to be a cardiac surgeon, then phalloplasty surgery would be a breeze for him! The surgeon has extensive clinical experience with phalloplasty and is known to be one of the best phal1oplasty surgeons in the world. Dr. Krakovsky I now publicly thank you.