Penile Surgery Success Stories

I am pleased to be writing this testimony on behalf of my boyfriend's penile surgery experience with Dr. Krakovsky. I have been with my boyfriend for several years and he always talked about having surgery to make his penis longer and bigger, even though I was happy with him just the way he was, he was pretty persistent on wanting it done.

Seeing that he was serious about it, I decided to do the research about phallosplasty and find out all the information. Overall, my intentions were to find the best candidate for the procedure. As I searched the internet there were many people claiming that they were the best, then I came across Dr. Krakovsky, it's almost like I knew immediately that he was going to be the one to do the surgery. His qualifications far surpassed the rest, and when I called he was very attentive and explained everything about the process of the procedure. After deciding that Dr. Krakovsky was the best choice, we scheduled a surgery date for my boyfriend. The surgery day finally had come and we were both excited, we knew this would change our relationship for the better, and more importantly give my boyfriend the confidence in himself that he felt was missing.

When the surgery was finally complete, my boyfriend started the healing process, this included instructions that the doctor had given him to make sure the results were a success. Dr. Krakovsky was always available when we called and was sure to answer any questions or concerns that we may have had, during my boyfriend's recovery. Everything was going well as he went through his post surgery process, we made sure we followed the Doctors instructions and my boyfriend did his part as well, to make sure he did not have any complications. Overall, my boyfriend's surgery was a complete success and is now considering a second procedure with Dr. Krakovsky to make it even thicker!!! As for me, I couldn't be more happy with my boyfriends results from the surgery. I never realized how much it would change our sexual relationship for the better, it's so much more enjoyable for the both of us!

                                                                                        Adolph and Clarissa