Registration Protocol

Step 1 - Initial Evaluation

Penis Enlargement Initial EvaluationPatient should send the following information to Penile Cosmetic Surgery Center.

- First and Last Name - Date of Birth - Height and Weight - Contact Phone Number - Picture of the naked body front and back - Picture of the penis in flaccid and erect positions


Based on the received information, Dr. Krakovsky will evaluate patient's specific condition, determine his suitability for penile augmentation surgery and communicate the decision to the patient.

Steps 2 through 5 are for penis augmentation surgery candidates.

Step 2 - Laboratory Work up

Penis Enlargement Surgery Laboratory Work upPenile surgery patients are required to undergo blood and urine analysis at the laboratory at their place of residence. Blood analysis will help surgeon to check overall patient’s health status, HIV status, potential bleeding status and urine analysis will indicate possible urinary tract infection.


Once you locate the laboratory, contact the Penile Cosmetic Surgery Center in order for Dr. Krakovsky to issue you necessary prescription to take with you to your lab appointment.


Please note that PCSC does not carry any legal responsibility for the results of these tests that will be sent to the office by fax or e-mail. Patient is responsible for the laboratory costs associated with these analysis.

Step 3 - Surgery Selection

Penis Surgery SelectionUse Surgery Selection Form to indicate the type of surgery you would like performed. Use notes area to provide any additional information.

Please complete the electronic form, save it locally on your computer and e-mail a copy of completed form to





Step 4 - Payment and Financing

Penis Enlargement Surgery Payment and FinancingWe have several financing options available to our patients to chose from. Learn more

Upon booking the surgery day, the patient is required to provide the deposit. No later than two weeks prior to the day of the surgery, the patient is required to pay the balance. The office will provide bank account information for the patient who would like to wire the funds to Penile Cosmetic Surgery Center account.




Step 5 - Finalize the Surgery

Finalize Penis Enlargement SurgeryIt is time to finalize the surgery. Please click on this link to login into the Patients-only area of the website with unique login information provided to you by the office. Make sure to download, print, read, understand and sign all surgery preparation guidelines and follow up checklists. Upon completing registration protocol, the patient legally agrees to all terms and conditions of penile cosmetic surgery center related but not limited to Patient - Physician Agreement Forms, Surgery Preparation and Follow Up, lab preparation tests and scheduled payment. If you have any questions, or require an assistance, please contact our office.