Penile Surgery Success Stories

I wanted to do the penile augmentation surgery because to me it is no different than keeping yourself in shape. Most men want to have pick packs or big biceps or big muscles. For me, it was a matter of a. looking good, b. and then also confidence in you. When you feel good about yourself then others are going to have confidence in you and then you are going to be stronger, more confident person.

I looked into having this done several years ago and looked at the option on the internet to see what was available and found that the procedure of fat injection was something that several doctors were recommending or at least presenting as a good, viable option, to have the augmentation done and have a permanent result. Well, I found out that wasn’t a case. So, when I had the injection done, several months later, I noticed that there were some bumps and inconsistency with lumps and odd shape going on with me. I wasn’t very happy about it at all. That’s something they did not tell me about and something that I did not whether would go away after a while. As it turned out, a couple of years later, it was still there and did not go away. So, now I was looking into how I can correct this and having been with some partners during that time, I felt pretty inadequate or even embarrassed because of the shape and the form of the penis.

I did some more research and looked at several websites. This time, I was going to do a more diligent research to find out exactly the pros and cons of the surgeries and how they affect me. But the first thing I wanted to do was to get this corrected.

I found an excellent doctor in Dr. Krakovsky. He had a wonderful website, easy to follow. Right away, I thought, maybe he would be able to correct my situation first before looking at doing what he was recommending the proper procedure (which would be to have the skin graft of my own skin put around the penis, and having it done evenly and consistently) and then maintaining that shape and that form for good. And that’s what I wanted to do, because I have spent a sizable amount of money to get the first procedure done and wasn’t looking forward to spending that amount of money again to have it corrected. But I really did not have a choice.

I have reviewed his [Dr. Krakovsky’s] website, looked at several of the testimonials on there of some of the patients who had it done and pictures as well. There were several pictures, and of course, that’s the true test. Looking at before, after, and then a couple of years later, pictures of the procedures that he had done with his patients and seeing the results that not only were consistent and straight, and the girth enhancement, but also maintained over the period of years. That’s what sold me. He seemed very professional. I called his office and spoke with this very qualified assistant, who also gave me even more reassurance. He has had the procedure done himself and was very satisfied with it. So, after having asked him several questions about before, after, what’s the follow up, how long does the procedure take, and the cost and so forth.

Now, that we’ve had the fat removed, and Dr. Krakovsky has done a wonderful job doing that, he got all of the fat out with very little abrasion. The healing time after the removal procedure was very quick and I was able to get on a stretching program, which involves some weights and attaching to the penis, and being able to get the shape and the length back that I had before from the other surgery.

Now, I’m in the midst of completing stretching period and the healing process to the extent that we are ready and have already scheduled the second phase of the graft augmentation. [Skin graft augmentation] involves taking my own skin, which I’m more comfortable with, and using it to enhance the girth. That would be happening in a month. In between that time, I have been in touch with Dr. Krakovsky and his assistance throughout the whole time period just checking up on me to see how I’m doing, how I’m feeling.

They took before measurements, in between, and then they’ll take after measurements, which are a good way to be able to gage that you’ve accomplished something not only in length, but also in girth. That’s something is very satisfying, because you can actually see on a tape measure the results that you gotten. So, I’m really looking forward the second procedure and having that show even better results.

Dr. K has been very kind, very efficient. He has always been there for me when I called. Either he or his assistant will communicate with me that same day, almost immediately, about appointments or any questions that I may have about bandaging or any of the follow up after the operation is done. And that is really important to me, because I feel like I’m being taking care of. Customer service, which is what that is, is really important. You want to feel like your money is well invested and that you have a job, haven’t wasted it. So, I would say if you’re looking at having this procedure done, rather than go through the turmoil and the negative steps that I had experienced, I would highly recommend going to Dr. Krakovsky because of his experience and his track record and again, backed up by the photographs of the results and testimonials that are on his website. I would definitely recommend going to this route, going with Dr. Krakovsky and having it done the first time.


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