Penile Surgery Success Stories


This is a recommendation for all the men who are looking into doing this type of operation or would like further information.

For the last four years I have been looking into this type of operation. I was asking myself how I could go about making my penis bigger. I was looking all over the internet to find where I could have it performed. Then I found the website of Dr Krakovsky. I liked the website a lot, and the information it provided.

The pre operation was easy and simple. All I was given was a local anesthesia. I was awake the entire time and didn’t feel anything. I did not feel any pain. The doctor took me to the hotel after the procedure.

The doctor told me to relax. But I felt like I could still get around. I was kind of restless, so I took as walk and didn’t feel any pain. At night I rested, and the next day I felt fine…and here I am. I’m fine, I’m fine. As I was saying, I had the penis augmentation [phalloplasty] yesterday. In English there’s another term. It’s very simple, there’s no pain and I had it performed yesterday.

I came from New York. I had the operation yesterday. Today, I’m getting a checkup and tomorrow I’m going back to New York. For anyone interested in having this done, I highly recommend the procedure. There were no complications or pain… no symptoms. I’m recommending Dr. Krakovsky to everyone. He’s very good at this procedure. Thank you.