Scrotal Web Resection

Scrotal web resection is the surgical procedure through which excess scrotal skin is removed. This results in a lifting of the testicles back toward their original position and reduces any “sagging” look that may have developed.

Although the condition can be genetic, most men naturally experience a sagging or lowering of the testicles as they get older. This is an anatomical reality, due to the fact that:

  1. The testicles have no substantial anatomical physical support.
  2. Testicles have weight.
  3. Tissue stretches.
  4. Men wear comfortable (not tight) underwear, eliminating a potential means of support.

Excess scrotal skin is not usually visible in normal daily life. However, the sexually active man may want to improve his appearance in this area, both to make himself more attractive and to feel more confident during sexual interaction. This surgery can also provide relief for the man who is experiencing discomfort as a result of this stretched skin.

A scrotal web resection can be combined with other cosmetic procedures in the same area, such as a pubic tuck or a side tuck.

Scrotal web resection is an ambulatory surgery and recovery is very fast. A person can have the procedure done on a Friday and be back to work the following Monday.

The most important thing the patient must know is that this surgery requires the patient to wear a support undergarment beginning immediately after surgery, and continuing for six to eight weeks after the surgery. This mandatory support garment must be worn constantly during that time period. Without this garment, the skin laxity that occurs during these weeks will allow the skin to stretch and the enhancements gained through the surgery will be lost.

Dr. Krakovsky

Dr. Alexander A. Krakovsky


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