Penile Surgery Success Stories

As I became older, I realized that I wanted to have larger girth and longer length of my penis. I thought an “implant” maybe the answer and made an appointment with a surgeon.

When I went to his office for a consultation before the surgery, I felt rushed through questions and paperwork. When I asked to feel and touch the implants, the surgeon hesitated. To me they felt kind of natural, pliable and soft enough. The next day when we went for surgery, I was actually on the table, hooked up ready to be putted to sleep before doctor came in, and I asked anesthesiologist to wait to put me to sleep because I wanted to ask a doctor a question. I believe the anesthesiologist did not understand English clearly, even though I repeated a few times. I was actually going to change my mind on the implant, but before I knew it, I was already out. I woke up and it was all over.

Immediately, I did not like it. In the room when I was recuperating, there was no natural look whatsoever. It looked deformed, appeared to be partially erect. The next day, during the consultation, the surgeon assured him that it will relax with time after certain exercises.

Within three to four months it got worse. The head of the penis wasn’t straight; you could see the outer edge of the implant through the skin. It looked totally unnatural. I lost 2 inches in length after the implant with erection. The head of the penis never filled in with blood because the implant was pressed. I could not get an erection and did not feel comfortable with women. The first relationship I tried to have, the woman was turned off by the look. The penis did not feel nor looked natural. It appeared as though I had an erection all the time, it was so thick and hard.

It got to the point that the pressure from the implant on my pelvic area was so uncomfortable. It interfered with urinating and ejaculation. It was not a good flow was delayed and was not there right away because of the pressure. I was afraid of damaging nerve.

I did not feel comfortable returning to the surgeon that performed the operation, afraid that he may rush through the implant removal surgery. I got in contact with Dr. Krakovsky. He is very kind and considerate. His whole staff was very helpful, they were always checking to see how I was doing. Unlike the previous surgeon, no one ever called me once never checked up on me. You can tell, if you are a human being, I could see the sincerity, felt very comfortable, did not feel nervous a single bit going into surgery to remove the implant. Zero pain, a little discomfort, which is not unusual. But glad to have it removed. This is actually what they had inside of me (showing the actual implant), wrapped around. It is double the size of my natural penis. Basically, I was walking around with semi-erection all the time.

Looking at the implant, I’m surprised it did not cause my damage than it did. The night Dr Krakovsky removed the implant; I had four natural erections, which I did not have in over a year.

I just had a surgery, not even 3 days ago. Honestly, when I first woke up, I did not feel like I had any surgery whatsoever. I did not have pain of any kind, I was up walking around. I feel like a man again. I feel natural. I feel good.

I want to thank Dr. Krakovsky for everything. For his personal care he gave me for removing the implant, post and pre-op surgery. My first choice was not a good one. I would highly recommend Dr. Krakovsky for your surgery. I will be back to finish it up for sure.