Circumcision is the surgical procedure through which part or all of the foreskin (prepuce) is removed from the penis.

Circumcision is required for those patients who have selected a penis widening procedure. This includes penile girth enhancement, Penile Dual Augmentation and Penile Triple Augmentation.

When a graft is being added to the penis for widening purposes, circumcision improves the healing process and shortens the length of time required to heal.

Dr. Krakovsky

Dr. Alexander A. Krakovsky


Dr. Krakovsky holds several patents pertaining to Cosmetic Penile Augmentation Surgeries.


Dr. Krakovsky has spent the last five years teaching cosmetic surgeons around the world on the correct way of performing his patented Penile Triple Augmentation Surgery.


Dr. Krakovsky has authored numerous articles sharing the art of phalloplasty surgery with colleagues.


Dr. Krakovsky is a practicing world-renown cosmetic surgeon.