Penile Surgery Success Stories


Hello, I’m Carlos. I am from Ecuador – I vacationed here in San Diego, CA to have a phalloplasty procedure with Dr. Alexander Krakovsky. Since I was a young boy, I always wanted a larger penis. I felt very insecure with its size. I them made the decision to operate.

Now or never was the time to have the operation and rid myself this complex. I had been looking over the internet into these distinct areas. After seeing the advertisement of Dr. Alexander [Krakovsky] is where and when I felt the most confident. With this type of operation I would feel more sure of myself. When I learned the procedure would use my own skin, I felt more comfortable. The result of the operation was very satisfactory to me. The addition gave me a lot of confidence.

The doctor was very attentive to me and asked how I was doing after the operation. I said I felt fine. With everything that was done to me it was necessary. I responded accordingly. So if you are thinking of having this procedure done…I highly recommend it. You will not regret it.