Penile Surgery Success Stories

Rick - Eight months after phalloplasty surgery

Well, you know, we’ve come full circle with the bad procedure and gone through the repair of the bad procedure and come to the proper procedure. I’ve to tell you, everything is just exactly the way I wanted it to be. It worked out really well and I feel much better about everything now and having gone through everything I’m a much more satisfied person as a result.

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Procedure of the fat injection was something that several doctors were recommending or at least presenting as a good, viable option to have the augmentation done and to have it stay more permanent. Well, I found that wasn’t the case. So, when I had the injection done, probably several months later but not too much later, I noticed that there were some bumps and inconsistencies and lumps and odd shape going on with me. I was not, obviously, very happy about that at all, so that’s something they did not tell me about… The first thing I wanted to do, is to get this corrected.

So, I found an excellent doctor in Dr. Krakovsky. He had a wonderful website, easy to follow. Right away, I thought “Well, maybe he will be able to correct my situation?” First before looking at doing at what he was recommending as the proper procedure which would be to have the skin graft of my own skin put around the penis and having it done evenly and consistently and then maintaining that shape and that form for good…

So now that we’ve had the fat removed Dr. Krakovsky has done a wonderful job in doing that. He got all of the fat out with very little abrasions. The healing time after doing this procedure was very quick. They took before measurements and then they take in-between and after measurements as well. So that is a good way to be able to gage that you’ve accomplished something, not only in length but also in girth and that is something very satisfying. You can actually see on the tape measure the results that you’ve gotten.

So, I’m really looking forward to second procedure having that show even better results.

So, It’s been about eight months now and everything is really performing well. The healing only took about four months altogether and prior to that we started to do some stretching as well which helped to enhanced the results of the procedure as well.

So everything has worked out, everything healed, everything is nice and symmetrical and I’ve got my shape and form – More Length, More Girth. Everything that I desired to do in the first place and I’m very satisfied. I’m glad that I found you [Dr. Krakovsky] and I’m glad that you really knew what you were doing and how to also repair the first procedure that I had and take of that for me.

So, thank you, thank you very much. I appreciate it Doctor Krakovsky