Penile Surgery Success Stories

Penile Silicone implant removal

Several years ago I began looking into penile implant aspect of things and several things I looked at. One was the history of older types of implants where you had fat injections where a lot of that was re-absorbed in. Then I found information about silicone implant, so I contacted the people who were dealing with that and talked with them over the phone about silicone implant and it was appealing because it was expressed that it was similar to the breast implant in a woman. We all know that the silicone is in the woman’s breasts and there is no physical reaction to it and it is a very sterile situation.

So, I made an appointment to come meet with the doctor and actually see the implant because it is not shown to you in advance. You don’t really what it looks like. The fact that you couldn’t see the device before you got to the doctor's office and he lets you see and then he closed it back up, locked it back up because it was patented device – those should’ve been warning signs. Those should’ve set off alarms to me and the fact that after he met me he did not need to know that much about me; he just was ready to do the procedure and was the next person in line. At that point, it was a mad rush, from the doctor’s meeting until we had the surgery that afternoon.

Within the couple of the healing process was pretty much complete and I started having some problems with it. You know, with breast there is really no movement, but with the penis you have the natural retraction of the penis (it goes in and out). And, as that was occurring, the silicone sheaf started bending at the sides. And I thought “This is not right. This is not how it is supposed to work.” So, I started investigating more and found that there were other people with complaints about it. So, then I started searching ways to get this fixed. “What can I do to repair this situation or have it removed?” “Do I need to have it removed?”

And I came across Dr. Krakovsky’s website and I contacted his personnel about it. Because on his website he has pictures about different types of reconstructive surgery that he does and one of the pictures looked very much like my particular implant had developed. It has developed into sort of a hood that was pushing its way down, passed the end of my penis; passed the head of my penis. So it created a big shadow over the top of my penis and I had to push it back down into place. And there was a picture on his website of someone’s penis who had that happen.

So I contacted them [Dr Krakovsky’s office]. Several reasons why I contacted Dr. Krakovsky. In researching him, seeing his training, his experience and the fact that he dealt with this situation before (as performed by other doctors) and had experience in removing the silicone implant and then repairing the damage that was done. Because let’s face it, damage was done.

I would recommend anyone who’s going to have this kind of a surgery to research it. Keep in mind that a silicone implant is not designed to function properly. It is just not going to work correctly. It is not designed to move in and out, expand and contract as a penis does. I think the process that used now – Alloderm © procedure and then there is also taking materials from your own body – seems to have better results from everything I’ve read.

We’ve talked about other patients that he [Dr. Krakovsky] have had that he had to do this procedure on and that’s really why I chose him. It was the experience in removing the device and his training for this sort of procedure and doing reconstructive surgery. He will come pick me up at the hotel; do the procedure, and then he’ll deliver me back himself which lends a whole lot toward patient-doctor relationship. It really helps make me comfortable with what’s going to be going on.