Male Medical Concierge Service

A one of a kind, complimentary Male Medical Concierge Service

Each year, many patients from around the world visit our center for their penile augmentation surgery to be performed by the world renowned Dr. Alexander A. Krakovsky. Scheduling appointments, finding a hotel and making a car reservation around the unfamiliar city can be a daunting task, which is why we offer FREE concierge service for all out-of-state patients. Your Male Medical Concierge Service will be your personal information resource throughout your penile augmentation surgery.

Complete Care

Similar to the concierge at a fine hotel, Male Medical Concierge Service from Penile Cosmetic Surgery Center will help you with your surgery and visit to San Diego, CA. Your Male Medical Concierge offers the following complementary services:

Penile surgery concierge

  • Answer any questions and provide valuable information related to the surgery, including :
    • Medications and foods to avoid
    • Phalloplasty timelines and guidelines
    • Before and after the surgery care
    • Steps to ensuring best results
  • Provide unbeatable-rate hotel accommodations.
  • Present local car rental information.
  • Recommend information about leisure activities for before and after the surgery.
  • Offer available financing options.

Your Male Medical Concierge Service is on hand for your convenience every day 10am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday. Contact Male Medical Concierge Service at 800-558-1352, via e-mail at or, or visit for more details. Our concierge service is invaluable to you, as it comes from our personal experience, as well as a successful track record of helping men achieve excellent results.