Penile Surgery Success Stories

Phalloplasty Surgery after Prostate cancer

I am a sixty-four year old surgeon that was diagnosed with prostate cancer approximately two years ago. I ended up going to Mayo Clinic to have a radical prostatectomy using robotics because of the great reputation. In Mayo Clinic part of the benefits of this type of surgery is that its nerve spearing so that subsequently in the post-operative period I’ll have urinary function as well as sexual function. And for this reason I chose the Mayo Clinic.

The day after surgery, which was very successful, I was fully potent in terms of being able to have an erection I was fully continent in terms of my urine; however, the size of my penis has changed dramatically. I was never particularly well-endowed to start with but it was fairly dramatic with the loss of one to two inches post-operatively. Because of this I went on the internet and discovered Dr. Krakovsky and his technique of triple augmentation TM.

I thought long and hard prior to meeting Dr. Krakovsky and spoke with his representative. Subsequently, I underwent this procedure with Penile Triple Augmentation using BellaDerm ® brand. The surgical procedure was well tolerated with minimal amount of pain and discomfort and within four days I was back to work.

Within two and a half weeks I was back to working out in the gym. The results of the procedure were extremely gratifying as well as dramatic. I strongly recommend Dr. Krakovsky without reservation, especially in patients with prostate cancer who are about to have the robotic surgery.


Hi, I'm Mark and I came to Dr. Krakovsky three years ago to have a penile lengthening surgery. I think the subject of Penile Lengthening most men are very ashamed to admit that they would like a larger penis. I researched the subject very thoroughly on the Internet. I found that there were quite a few negative aspects to the procedure, but vastly the reasons for negative sides-effects, I believe, were because of the antiquated procedure and also an inexperienced surgeon. However, what I found was unanimous, that the vast majority of them that had bad side-effects were because of the procedure that they provided along with an inexperienced technique. Dr. Krakovsky was the only one that had the kind of experience, educationally - articles in medical journals that he'd written and he taught his procedure internationally which spoke a lot to me simply because if he is the guy that's teaching other people how to do this procedure he is the guy you'd want to go to.

So, after about three months of study online, I decided to have the lenghhening procedure. I spoke with Dr. Krakovsky three times on the phone over the course of about a month. He never became annoyed with any of my questions and I was purposely redundant in asking these questions just to make sure that he was giving me this great scoop. My main concern was "erection angle" because it was the subject online that a vast majority of patients that had the procedures were complaining about. They "lost some erection quality", "unstable erection". I was really concerned about scar visibility and additionally I wanted to know for certain how much length I was actually going to achieve with the procedure. Dr. Krakovsky said that they could not determine exactly how much length there could be between one to two inches or more (up to three), depending on the thickness of the ligament. He went into great deal talking about genetical make-up of ligament tissue within the vast majority of the men, most of them having (up to 90%) very thick ligament; and the guys that had thinner ligament type were the guys that had the probability of gaining the most stretch or the most length. However, there was probably less than ten percent of patients that he's seen that had that thin-type ligament tissue and there is no way to determine through scans or any other medical investigation other than once you make the incision and you see the exact size of the ligaments. So, based on that I knew exactly what I was getting into. I had no idea what ligament size mine was. But I felt that a one inch gain would be a substantial gain and I was really happy to hear that.

The day before the surgery he examined me and throughly went over the procedure again. The following morning he picked me up at the hotel. We went to the surgery center. We met the staff- the anesthesiologist, the head nurse, the receptionist - everybody was very professional and very welcoming. I felt right at home. They discussed the procedure again and prepped me for the procedure. We took some "before pictures". The surgery went well. Upon awakening, Dr. K greeted me and asked me how I felt. He greeted me with good news. He said that you had approximately one inch minimum up to an inch and a half of gain through surgery. He told me the following day to come back to the office upon immediately upon waking.

I had my customary nocturnal erection, and also a little bit of pain, a little bit of swelling, but my erection was visibly larger from the very beginning. He instructed me to start the moderate hand stretching, not anything severe or to the point of pain, but to start stretching. Went back to his office the following morning. Met with him; he inspected the incision site. Everything looked good. He said "take it easy for the rest of the day. Take a couple of naps, get up walk a little bit."

Came back the following afternoon, around four o'clock. He inspected the incision site again - a little bit of swelling, but nothing unordinary. A little bit of pain, but nothing that was disabling. So, the following morning I got back up, took the pain meds prescribed and flew back home.

Again, using the traction device that he recommend using and that was probably one of the most important things to ensure that the length that I've gotten through the surgery was going to be there and be permanent. I was very dedicated with and followed his recommendations to the letter. Within few days I was back to work; within a week i was going back to gym, working out. Within three weeks I was golfing again. And the good part was I was resuming sexual activity wtihin a couple of weeks, a little over a couple of weeks - no problems at all.

Really, this whole procedure is somewhat considered to be a "marathon" because it does take some time. It is not a "sprint" and I would not want to mislead anybody into thinking that you just have this surgery and you are good to go. No, this requires a little bit of dedication afterwards.

Like most men, they are concerned with their flaccid size after the procedure, I used to shrink-up quite a bit. I called it "turtle". When you walking about in the men's locker room, if you happen to be person who visits the gym, likes to exercise. The last thing is very embarrassing to walk around with this shrunken, thimble-size penis that you can barely see. I don't have that fear any longer. I am happy to say that even on the cold day, I'm usually right around five inches in the flaccid state. On good days, that when it is warm, I'm closer to six inches.

You know, I read on-line guys are concerned about erection quality. the surgery, i actually believe has enhanced my erection quality. I have not lost any erection quality, as far as an the angle. No instability from side-to-side. Its just right. I am having the best sex in my life, and I'm fifty six.

To wrap it up. I would say, if you are seriously interested in lengthening procedure that you call Dr. Krakovsky. I could not be happier with results we have achieved. It was a team effort. If you read stuff on-line that's negative - you gotta set it aside. It is probably because of the physician doesn't have the skills, doesn't have the technique. and I would say talk to Dr. K.