Phalloplasty Surgery Diary

Bryan provides a unique diary of healing after the phalloplasty surgery

Day 5 – Monday
It's now day 5 after my surgery and everything seems to be healing. I have not been sick from the antibiotics. I do have bruising around the groin area, which is expected; after all it has only been 5 days. The results are hard to tell but early indications are making me very happy, hard to tell with all the bandages.

Day 6 – Tuesday
Not much has changed, still somewhat sore with bruising, I am changing my dressing every day, which excites me because then I get to look at the accomplishment of the surgery. I have to eat a lot throughout the day so my stomach does not get upset with all the antibiotics.

Day 7 - Wednesday
I feel like today was a breakthrough in starting to improve. My erections were getting stronger last night and I am getting more feeling in my penis, still bruised but not as sore.

Day 8 - Thursday
My bruising is weakening except for the head of my penis, it is purple red and hard to estimate my overall soreness is better but I am a little worried about the head of my penis.

Day 9 - Friday
Not much has changed since Day 8.

Day 10 - Saturday
Finally, the bruising on my glanular head is diminishing, really excited about how everything is starting to heal. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Day 11 – Sunday
Same as Day 10.

Day 12 - Monday
Still a lot of bruising in the scrotum area, I would say the soreness is wearing off but still tender. It is still hard to urinate, so I stand in the shower and make it easier.

Day 13 - Tuesday
I feel like I have truly come around the corner on improving. Still some bruising but the soreness and swelling is really down. Still hard to urinate, but improving.

Day 14 - Wednesday
Today it started improving when I had to urinate much better. The right side of my penis looks great, the left side is still swollen and I am a little worried about that. Today was the first day I did not wear my bandage to work.

Day 15 - Thursday
Basically same as Day 14.

Day 18 - Sunday
I am only wearing bandages at night. There is still some bruising in the scrotum area and very little on the head of the penis. Still some tenderness but my healing is really coming along.

Day 20 - Tuesday
The redness and swelling is now all gone on the glanular head but still swollen at the tip below the head. The only bruising is in the scrotum area. The top stitching area looks great and the scar is barely noticeable, looks better than the first time. The stitches are still in the head area.

Day 21 - Wednesday
I am going to take my first shower today.

Day 25 - Monday
Still only wearing bandages at night, the bruising is only in the scrotum area but improving daily. Stitches are still in the glanular head area and that's all. The swelling is all but gone except below the glanular head area.

Dr. K,
It has been a week after my 2nd surgery and I am very excited about the augmentation. I had the first operation on April 6, and I was very hesitant about doing it, as everyone could be before the operation.

The reason why is obvious as I felt undersized (very small. I have been this way the last thirty years of my life.) Taking showers in the gym or undressing in front of someone completely stopped entering 9th grade. I would even walk into the stalls to urinate especially if someone was already in the bathroom. As I grew older I was always hoping that I would look between my legs and for some reason was hoping that my penis would get bigger but it never did and by the time I was 17 or 18 I knew I would live with a small penis my whole life. I was always hoping that somewhere, someone, that there would be an operation to make me larger. Finally about 2 years ago I was on the Internet surfing around and found several web pages regarding AlloDerm and enlarging the penis. I was very excited but yet hesitant. I started calling several different doctors and after interviewing 3 or 4 companies I picked Dr. Krakovsky. Once I determined I was going to do this I moved very quickly to get it done. I increased about 1 full inch in length and 1 inch in diameter. I felt very good about the first operation, but 6 months after the surgery I was already thinking about doing it again.

I have just completed my 2nd operation with Dr. K. and he did a remarkable job. My size increased a full ½ inch in diameter and also increased my glanular head about 20-25%. It has only been 1 week after the second surgery and I am still healing.

I cannot put in words how this has changed my life for the better. It is simply amazing and now I will be able to take a shower after my workouts in the gym and not be embarrassed. I think and feel that Dr. K is one of the nicest and most sincere gentlemen I have ever met. I want everyone and anyone who considers augmentation to know that this is a very serious operation and I have had 2 successful operations with Dr. K. I would recommend Dr. K. for this procedure to anyone who is thinking about this operation. I waited 30 years for this and now I feel complete and a real man.

Sorry for the delay, I have had this written for 5 months. It has been 51/2 months since my surgery. Everything looks good. Thanks again for everything you have done for me. Please call me if you need anything. I am here to help you out.