How can I make my penis longer?

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Penis lengthening (also called penile lengthening) is not just a male dream. If you have ever wondered how it might be possible to get a longer penis, the answer is that it can be done through surgery. A type of surgery invented in 1984 for penis lengthening allows the part of the penis that is inside the body to be released to the outside. Through this surgery, in its relaxed position, the visible penis can normally be made longer by 1/2 to 1 and 1/2 additional inches. Surgical penis lengthening is a technique that is as safe as any other cosmetic or plastic surgery, when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon, and Dr. Alexander Krakovsky, based in San Diego, California, is one of the best.

No one can know how much of your penis is being held inside your body until the surgery is performed. So no one knows exactly how much longer your penis will be after the surgery. When the ligaments are separated from the pubic bone during the surgery, the part of the penis the ligaments were holding inside the body is released to hang free with the rest of the penis outside the body.

Penis Lengthening Surgery Part One Penis Lengthening Surgery Part Two

Once the penis has been released to its full length outside the body, you need to do your part to maintain this gain through some specific stretching exercises that are done for up to one year after surgery. This prevents any internal scar tissue from shortening things up.

It is important to understand that the penis can not be made longer through taking pills or through stretching exercises without surgery. Surgery, followed by stretching exercises to maintain length gain, is the only way to get a longer penis.

Many men do not just want a longer penis. They also want a bigger or wider penis and/or penis head. This type of plastic or cosmetic surgery for the penis exists, and penis widening and penis head enlargement can be performed using various surgical techniques. Dr. Krakovsky performs both penis widening (penile girth enhancement, or penile girth augmentation) and penis head enlargement (penile glanular enhancement, or penile glanular augmentation). He uses either dermal grafts (DFGs), AlloDerm® or BellaDerm® grafts to perform these surgeries, because he believes that these are the only two safe and permanent methods for obtaining a wider penis and larger penis head.

Penis lengthening surgery can be combined with penis widening and penis head enlargement. The option to combine surgeries means that you can complete penis lengthening, penis widening or enlargement and penis head widening or enlargement during the same surgery. Combining penile lengthening with penis widening (penile girth enhancement or augmentation) and penis head enlargement (penile glanular enhancement or augmentation) is called Penile Triple Augmentation™. If you want to increase your penis length and thickness, without changing the width of your penis head, you can combine the penis lengthening and penis widening (penis girth enhancement or augmentation) surgeries. This combination is called Penile Dual Augmentation™.

Penis lengthening and widening, as well as penis head enlargement, are safe surgical procedures that provide excellent results when performed by a qualified, trained surgeon. In 2005, Dr. Krakovsky was awarded the Outstanding Professional Award as one of the 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons of the Millennium by The Second World Congress on Advanced Cosmetic Surgery. He is Vice President of the American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons. His practice is in San Diego, California. He follows the Academy's standards and guidelines for the safety of phalloplasty surgeries, and, as a qualified surgeon, has completed the special phalloplasty surgery training the Academy requires for this surgery.

Dr. Krakovsky is also a very caring and compassionate surgeon, and he takes as much time as necessary to be sure that you are provided with the answers you need to make the right choice. He also provides you with all the guidelines and information you need to prepare for and follow up after any surgery you select. Dr. Krakovsky has developed a number of helpful tools for his patients, including checklists of timelines and guidelines to help you to stay on track with all aspects of pre-surgical and post-surgical requirements. These include everything from registration information and when to start and stop eating certain foods to what to pack for your overnight surgical stay, medical tests that need to be taken, how to follow up after the surgery, and much more. As soon as you become a patient of Dr. Krakovsky, you have access to the Patients Only section of his website, where your Patient Passkey makes these documents available to you.

Many plastic and cosmetic surgeons who have never completed special phalloplasty training are performing phalloplasty surgeries. As a result, thousands of men are faced with injuries for which reconstruction is very difficult, or even impossible, to perform. As you can see, it is extremely important to choose a qualified surgeon for this type of surgery, to learn about whether this surgery is right for you, and to follow pre-operative and post-operative instructions closely.

Whether you opt for a single type of penis enlargement, or one of the combination surgeries, you will need to be in San Diego the day before the surgery for your final pre-surgical appointment with Dr. Krakovsky and final preparations for the surgery, and you will need to stay overnight in San Diego after your surgery. The success of this surgery requires complete bedrest after the surgery and overnight, as well as regular follow up with Dr. Krakovsky, either in person, or by phone or email.

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